Software Engineers – Microsoft Industry Clouds

Job description

Microsoft Industry Clouds group is seeking mid-level and junior software engineers to join a growing

team at ASAL Technologies.

The team is focused on building the next generation of innovative and intelligent solutions for

vertical industry clouds leveraging Microsoft Power Platform, M365, and Azure.


As a software engineer in the group, you will participate in designing and delivering new solutions.

This includes building business process flows, developing new components needed to enable new

experiences, and solving technical problems as we package different apps/components together

while maintaining high-quality code, documentation, and automated tests to ensure the reliability

and maintainability of our software products.

Job requirements


▪ Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or related disciplines.

▪ Hands-on experience in software development using relevant technologies (OOP, C#, JS,

Python, React, cloud-native computing).

▪ Strong engineering skills across all phases of software development lifecycle and DevOps.

▪ Ability to understand unfamiliar code bases, debug client and service side applications.

▪ Highly motivated and self-reliant individual with true willingness to work and learn as part of

a team.

▪ Good written and verbal communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills.

Extra credit:

▪ Experience with machine learning (using tools like Azure Synapse/ML, Apache Spark,


▪ Experience with Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, or Azure