Senior Software Engineer

Job description

  • Create and guide the development of new features; contribute to open source projects in Go and Python.
  • Lead technical architecture and design discussions with peers from both within the team and the community
  • Write high quality and high-performance user space and kernel-space software in a variety of programming languages including but not limited to C, C++, Python & GO
  • Always think innovatively to solve customer problems

Job requirements

  • Excellent knowledge and experience in multiple programming languages. Fluent in C & Linux required. Python preferred
  • 3-10 years of experience in engineering specific role.
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or related fields.
  • Experience with high-performance storage & NVMe standard is an advantage
  • Experience with high-speed TCP & RDMA networking at link speed of 100Gbps is an advantage
  • Familiarity with databases, such as Redis, MongoDB, Couchbase, Cassandra, MySQL is an advantage
  • Familiarity with platforms for managing containerized workloads and pools of compute & storage such as Kubernetes, Swarm & OpenStack is an advantage