Senior Software Engineer

Job description

ASAL is in need of a Senior Software Engineer who design and implement full analytics and machine learning cycles that will be integrated into the company's key products and doing Data sources extraction, feature selection, and engineering, and building Models, evaluation and improvements, someone who works with R&D Groups, QA teams, and business partners, to lead and develop a new product to market. 

Job requirements

  • BSc, in Computer Engineering/Science
  • Strong technical skills C++/Python, Networking, telemetry, and cloud (containers and virtualization).
  • Experience with Real-Time analytics.
  • Highly motivated, results-oriented, innovative.
  • Strong development and design skills.
  • Hands-on experience/knowledge in developing algorithms in the fields of data science, machine learning, or similar.
  • Good system level and experience in solving complicated technical challenges.
  • Independent and innovative with the ability to lead problem definition and goal definition processes.