HW Engineer

Job description

ASAL is in need of an experienced Hardware Board Design Engineer with strong High-Speed Digital Board Design Experience. The Application Engineer will work closely with R&D, marketing, FAE/system engineering group, and our customers, and will provide in-depth and comprehensive system-level support to enable successful evaluation and implementation of the technology products with our customers.

Job requirements

• B.Sc/M.Sc degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, or a related area.

• Knowledge in analog and digital electrical circuits, system-level understanding. Background in board design: schematics, layout, thermal design, mechanical design, PCB fabrication, product qualification, and lab experience.

• Knowledge and experience with High-Speed Digital Board Design

• Knowledge and understanding of electromagnetic waves theory and distributed systems

• Knowledge and experience in Networking is preferred.

• Excellent English communications skills.

• Excellent problem-solving.

• Excellent interpersonal skills.

Job Responsibilities:

• Lead with customers all the stages of the definition of design-in of their HW related projects based on the company services. This includes initial definition and architecture, reviews (schematics, layout), mechanical/thermal aspects, signal integrity issues, bring-up phase, and more.

• Ability to thrive under pressure and to be part of a good team working capacity.

• Ability to learn and adopt new technologies quickly.

• Good Knowledge of different development life cycle models.