Front-end Engineer Mid-Level

Job description

We are looking for a talented Frontend Engineer to join the R&D team in a mission of enabling our client's cybersecurity services to a large community of customers around the globe using a cutting edge stack of technologies from Cloud down to the Endpoint

Job requirements

· 3+ years as a Frontend Engineer.

· Experience with JS, HTML & CSS (es6 - significant advantage).

· Experience with web libraries and frameworks (React/Redux are preferred).

· Experience with testing frameworks.

· Experience with browser testing and debugging.

· Motivated to mesh UX design with UI development.

· Experience with beck-end programming (NodeJS, Python, Java) – significant advantage.

· Ability to work independently

· Storm & confront the various challenges.

· Work as part of a scrum team.

· Partake in the overall detailed design and planning activities.

· Collaborate with UX and PM.

· Implement code.

· Implement unit and API tests.

· Partake in troubleshooting problems within engineering and production tiers.