DevOps Engineer (CI/CD)

Job description

We are looking for a DevOps & CI/CD engineer, to lead the development, automation, and implementation of our deployment process. As a DevOps engineer, you will manage core production systems, including frequent changes and updates, identify and resolve problems and improve technologies and processes. Participating in RnD projects, development & supporting product’s CICD lifecycle, writing cloud automation tasks, and supporting DevOps Production Services.

Roles & Responsibilities:

· Control code deployment – from source control to production.

· Automate the code deployment process.

· Automate build/workflows/monitoring.

· Manage both cloud and on-prem deployments.

· Excellent understanding of code and scripts (Groovy, GO, Bash scripting).

Job requirements

  • CI/CD Tools (Jenkins preferable, GIT based Source Control Systems, GitHub Actions).
  • Programming skill (Groovy & Bash shell scripting)
  • Public Cloud Management (AWS/GCP/Azure) (one of clouds – must) (2 years).
  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services: AWS, Docker/Swarm, helm, Kubernetes is a plus
  • Real-Time monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, or similar solutions)– Advantage.
  • Linux System Admin/Integrations (2 years).
  • CM & Infra as a Code Tools (Ansible & Terraform preferable)- Advantage.
  • Other Programming skill (Python/JavaScript/Perl) (one of the languages) - Advantage.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or any related field.
  • At least 2-years experience in a DevOps position or as a sysadmin with strong programming experience.
  • Excellent understanding of code and scripts (Groovy, GO, Bash scripting).
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills; interacting positively with upper management.
  • Independent problem-solving, self-direction.